MG Car Club of Wagga Wagga


Darryl Ross
Contact our President
0407 911 022
Vice President
John Craig
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Reserve Vice President
Michael Reeves
Contact our Reserve Vice President
Geraldine Cottrell
Contact our Secretary
Warren Brown
Contact our Treasurer
GOF Coordinator
Kerri Toal
Contact our GOF Coordinator
02 6921 1140
Membership Officer
Chris Heazlewood
Contact our Membership Officer
Public Officer
Michael Reeves
Contact our Public Officer
Conditional Registration Officer
Dick Williams
Contact our Conditional Registration Officer
CAMS Officer
Bruce Buchan
Contact our CAMS Officer
Record Officer
Dianne Ross
Contact our Record Officer
Warren Brown
Contact our Regalia
MG Car Club of Wagga Wagga
PO Box 6041, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Phone 0407 911 022
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